Psychedelic Guide Training

5,500.00 $

Psychedelic Guide Training is for those who wish to guide individual and small group sessions in non-clinical, spiritual, or creative problem solving settings with psychedelic cannabis, and as a foundation for working with other psychedelic medicines.

The primary program is Psychedelic Guide Training. PGT is a 5 month training with webinar lectures, 6 ongoing classes, a 5 day intensive and 2 guiding practicum. There are two versions of the intensive, the cannabis specific online/in-person hybrid program and the same program at a retreat center with an additional group psilocybin session (Facilitated by MMFoundation). These sessions include cannabis-assisted experientials, Conscious Cannabis Circles, Cannabis-Breathwork and guiding practice sessions. Experienced practitioners can skip one of the two guiding practicums. This course is a prerequisite for the specialities and Psychedelic Mystery School.

You’ll meet other students who are as inspired by psychedelics as much as you are and who are from all over the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, and as far away as as Australia. The community nature of the intensives is one of the most healing interventions we can offer to our community.


Psychedelic Guide Training Class Code: PSS1-2


    • PGT Cannabis Hybrid Intensive – $5,500 +$300 in person space use fee (Online has no space use fee) 
        • (with scholarship – $3,300-$4,950)
    • PGT Cannabis & Psilocybin Retreat – $7,500 +$1,500 room and board fee
        • (with scholarship – $4,500-$6,750)
        • Medical Safety Review is included in the cost

Experienced practitioners can skip one practicum and save $1,000

Payment plan – Payment for the standalone class can be split into three payments, 1/3rd for deposit, 1/3 due 1 month before intensive, and 1/3 due one month post intensive. Extended payment plans with credentialing and electives are also available.

Course Description

This 6 Month Course includes 4 classes over a two month period with associated webinars, the Psychedelic Guide Training Intensive (Two options listed below), and two Practicums. 

The lecture content is divided into two primary segment:

  • Foundations in Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy
  • Psychedelic Guide Training

The Foundations in Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy segment is designed to provide you with the foundational skill sets to increase the depth and meaning of transformational psychedelic experiences while keeping the experiences as safe as possible. Unlike other Psychedelic Therapy programs, Medicinal Mindfulness Psychedelic Sitters School is not just theoretical, it is also very experiential in nature, and we focus on gaining direct, first-hand knowledge from the psychedelic sessions themselves.

We focus on Mindfulness Techniques that Psychedelic Therapists and Guides can use to deepen their own healing and transformation process while assisting and staying in full contact with their client for many hours. These internal skill sets are often unacknowledged in other programs, yet are essential in increasing personal and professional sustainability and resilience.

You will learn how to make your own psychedelic cannabis blends, set up your therapy space, use music and prompts to safely hold space as a psychedelic practitioner. The skill sets taught in this section are similar to guiding Ketamine and N,N-DMT psychedelic experiences.

The intensive nature of the experience allows us to do far more than a clinical Psychedelic Therapy training program. In addition to the demonstrations, experientials and multiple one-on-one practice sessions, the intensive is over five full days of personal psychedelic journeywork equivalent to the most potent Ayahuasca retreat experiences.

The Psychedelic Guide Training segment completes guide training completes the picture by teaching students everything they need to know to guide experiences using psychedelic cannabis that are incredibly similar to MDMA and Psilocybin journeys in a professional setting. Students will learn how to deepen and broaden their client’s process of healing and transformational discovery while simultaneously engaging in personal mindfulness practices that facilitate self transformation and healing.

The program is experientially based. Participants will each be guided on an intentional cannabis session, and will take turns practicing sitting, guiding, and “holding space” for each other. 

Lead trainers will guide students under the influence of psychedelic cannabis to demonstrate important guide techniques, and each student will have the opportunity to guide and be guided by other students.

In addition to learning how to step into a professional psychedelic therapy practice, students will learn specific guiding techniques framed within a mindfulness practice called the “Five Awareness Practice.” Within this framework, somatic awareness with acceptance is healing and transformative. 

Students will learn internal mindfulness techniques to increase personal spiritual resilience as a guide, and to be able to “imagine with” our clients. “Imagining with” our client is a special technique that provides important information while deepening our client’s process. Students will be provided a framework for understanding the phenomenological experience of deep psychedelic journeywork states and transformational healing.

Psychedelic Guide Training Webinars & Preparatory Classes

Students will begin their journey by watching a series of recorded lectures while attending four classes over a few month period before the intensive to prepare for the experiential nature of the program.

28 Hours of Webinar Content (with additional contented added every year)

PSS1A: Introduction to Psychedelic Sitters School and Student Orientation

  • PSS1 Class Structure, Overview of the PSS Training Program & Theoretical Orientation
  • Safety & Community Guidelines
  • Welcome to the PSS Online Learning Platform
  • Brief Introduction to Psychedelic Cannabis & Making a Blend for Trainings
  • Preparing for a Psychedelic Cannabis Experience

PSS1B: Foundational Theory & Journeywork Practices

  • Introduction and Overview 
  • Foundational Mindful Journeywork Practices
  • Tracking & the Five Awareness Practice 
  • Trauma Resolution, Shadow Work, & Aspects of Self
  • Transpersonal Terrain & Sacred Space

PSS1C: Introduction to in Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy (MBPT)

  • Important Mindful Journeywork Concepts in MBPT
  • Theory of Mindful Guidework 
  • The Mindful Guidework Practice for Sitters and Guides
  • Basic Attending Interventions & Handling Difficult Experiences
  • Prepping the Space and Self
  • Session Structure and Timing
  • Facilitation Outline – Psychedelic Cannabis Experience

PSS2A: Psychedelic Guide Training

  • Completing the Picture – Advanced Mindful Guidework Concepts
  • Foundational Theory of MBPT – Healing, Awakening & the Holotropic Principle
  • Mindful Guidework and the Five Awareness Practice
  • Advanced Interventions: Clearing Dross, Circuit Boarding, Parts Work, Energy Work 
  • Common Trauma Symptoms, Contraindications & the Psychedelic Safety Questionnaire

PSS2B – From Theory To Practice

  • Medicinal Mindfulness Community Code of Ethics
  • Intuition Worksheet Review

PSS2C: Guiding Demonstrations

  • Guiding Demonstration 1
  • Body Scan Meditation by Alison McQueen

Psychedelic Guide Training Intensives

Students choose one of two available intensives, the Psychedelic Cannabis Hybrid Intensive or the Cannabis & Mushroom Intensive Retreat. 

To continue your journey in becoming a psychedelic guide, we meet for a five day training intensive. Students experience the transformational power of psychedelic cannabis (and psilocybin mushrooms if you take that retreat) firsthand, through several psychedelic group experiences that you’ll learn how to provide. 

The intensives provide an ongoing small group process for integration support and skill development, and a series of lectures on mindfulness and psychedelic guiding practices, practitioner logistics, and other skills required for ethical guiding.

Lectures & Experientials

  • Learning Objectives & Review of Important MBPT Concepts, Mindfulness Skills for Sitters and Guides 
  • Contact Exercises and Presence
  • Cannabis and Psychedelics Relationship Art Experiential
  • Making a Psychedelic Cannabis Blend
  • Multiple Psychedelic Sitting Demonstration
  • Music & Technology Presentation
  • Professional Practice Development – Ethical Considerations, Forms and Protocols
  • Next Steps, Integration, Open Q&A 
  • Becoming a Guide Art Experiential 

Group Psychedelic Experiences

  • Psychedelic Cannabis Healing Meditation
  • Conscious Cannabis Circle
  • Cannabis-Assisted Breathwork Experience
  • Optional Psilocybin Mushroom Experience (Retreat only)
Psychedelic Training Hybrid Schedule

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