Our Purpose

To promote mental health and wellbeing through increased access to safe and legal psychedelic therapy options and therapeutic services.

Our Vision

To create a world where psychedelic therapy is widely recognized and accessible to all individuals in a fair and equitable manner, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status.

Meet the Team

Pinni Baumol​

Founder & Director

Pinni Baumol is a Psychedelic Social Worker promoting community harm reduction, integration, access to psychedelic-assisted therapy, drug policy change & education. Using his knowledge of recreational, spiritual and therapeutic use of plant medicine and psychedelics, and training as a policy change Social worker, Psychedelic therapist and integration facilitator, Pinni is a co- founder of several projects such as Oxygen harm reduction education and Keter ketamine clinic in Jerusalem. Pinni volunteers as a member of the israeli government drug committee research team, as a community leader in “Medabrim psychedelia” israel’s largest online psychedelic community, and with Anashim Tovim, israel’s leading safe space crew.

Shaun Lacob​


I have a Masters in Counseling Psychology and a background in informal education. After spending a decade in psychedelic harm reduction, transitioning into psychedelic therapy felt like a natural move, especially since I was familiar with the background, substance, set, and setting beforehand. My 5-year experience running a center for backpackers in India, where I encountered many recently released IDF veterans working through their experiences, including the use of psychedelics, deeply impressed upon me the need to introduce this technology to Israeli mental health as quickly, safely, and legally as possible.

Yoni Cooper​


Spending the bulk of my career as a fundraising and resource development professional for the non-profit sector, I engaged strategic partners and funders, sharing stories of impact and inspiration.

Today, I continue to work with a range of NGO’s- including cannabis and psychedelic projects and initiatives- empowering them to design and implement strategies to aid in fundraising, to increase public awareness, and to develop support from philanthropic investors.

As someone who has benefitted from the impact and power of psychedelic medicine, I aim to help ensure safe and legal access to plant medicine for people worldwide.

Oren Levin​


With over 15 years in high-tech and a passion for helping organizations and people flourish, I’ve built and enhanced processes, led professional teams, and enjoyed watching them thrive.
After a life-changing vehicle accident in 2021 which drove me into depression and burnout, I explored psychedelic-assisted treatment. After diving into numerous books on the subject, I embarked on a transformative journey with psychedelic assisted therapy, which helped me overcome burnout, lighten the weight of my depression, and rebuild my relationship with my brother. These experiences change me for the better, so much so that I’ve become an advocate of these sacred medicines and will do what I can to promote the safe and legal use of them.